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Introduction to Lightning Dice Live Casino Game

Lightning Dice Live Casino Game is a popular dice game. Familiarize the multipliers and payouts. Review our Lightning Dice Game and get your bonus today! An exhilarating casino game that guarantees a electrifying encounter and the opportunity to secure substantial rewards.

This exhaustive guide will delve into the mechanics, regulations, and tactics that establish Live Lightning Dice as a standout preference for casino enthusiasts. With our proficient insights, you’ll be fully prepared to engage in this electrifying game with assurance.

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What is Live Lightning Dice

In 2019, Evolution Gaming introduced Live Lightning Dice to its portfolio, presenting players with an enthralling blend of Lightning Roulette and Super Sic Bo. This groundbreaking game merges the thrill of rolling dice with the added excitement of lightning-fueled multipliers. 

Predict the total sum of three dice and take advantage of the electrifying bonuses that can skyrocket your winnings by an astonishing 1,000 times your initial bet.

The Tower of Lightning

Upon entering the game, players are welcomed into a dimly lit chamber dominated by a central tower of lightning. Adjacent to the tower is a lever – a trigger that sets the dice in motion when charged with the power of lightning. This moment signifies the commencement of your thrilling expedition into the realm of Live Lightning Dice.


The Game Mechanics

To play Lightning Dice, you should understand placing your bets, unleashing the lightning and multiplier madness. Learn how to play Lightning Dice with the help of our guide below.

Placing Your Wagers

Betting is instinctive, reminiscent of the roulette experience. Select your desired wager amount and opt for the number you believe will emerge as the combined outcome of the three dice.

The game offers versatile betting choices, permitting wagers on a single number or multiple numbers simultaneously. Betting chips span from 1 to 2000, enabling diverse betting strategies.

Unleashing the Lightning

As the betting phase concludes, the dealer pulls the lever, initiating the dice’s descent within the tower. This captivating moment is accompanied by the flash of lightning, which haphazardly selects specific numbers for enhanced multipliers. Excitement builds as the dice plummet, culminating in the revelation of the total.

Multiplier Excitement

The genuine allure of Lightning Dice lies within its multipliers. Lightning can strike at any instant, imbuing certain numbers with multipliers ranging from 50x to an astonishing 1000x. These multipliers amplify your potential gains, introducing an electrifying layer of thrill to each roll.

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How to Play in Live Lightning Dice

The gameplay of Live Lightning Dice is elegantly simple yet perpetually engrossing. Players can lay bets on the total value of the three dice, spanning from 3 to 18. The complexity of the chosen number influences the potential payout.

To place a wager, designate your desired amount and select the number you’re betting on, much like placing bets in roulette. Anticipation mounts as the host activates the lever, releasing the dice into the “maze” within the lightning tower.

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Multipliers and Payouts of Lightning Dice

At the heart of Live Lightning Dice’s excitement are the multipliers that can dramatically amplify your earnings. Each number carries its individual multiplier, which can be further elevated by lightning strikes. For instance:

  • Numbers 3 and 18 can yield multipliers of up to 150x, and even reach an astonishing 1,000x with the lightning feature.
  • Numbers 4 and 17 offer multipliers of 50x, which can surge to 500x upon being struck by lightning.
  • This pattern persists for other numbers, each with its distinct set of multipliers.

These lightning-empowered multipliers introduce an additional layer of excitement, turning each dice roll into an electrifying spectacle:

Number Multiplier
3 or 18 149:1 - 999:1
4 or 17 49:1 - 499.1
5 or 16 24:1 - 249.1
6 or 15 14:1 - 99:1
7 or 14 9:1 - 99:1
8 or 13 6:1 - 49:1
9 or 12 5:1 - 49:1
10 or 11 4:1 - 49:1

Recommended Online Casino for Lightning Dice


Top Casino to play Lightning Dice is MyGame Malaysia. With its seamless interface, impressive array of games, and user-friendly experience, MyGame Live Casino provides the perfect platform for immersing yourself in this electrifying game. Immerse yourself in the captivating realm of Live Lightning Dice at MyGame Casino and encounter the thrill like never before.


In summary, Live Lightning Dice stands as a testament to Evolution Gaming’s innovation in the domain of live casino games. The fusion of dice rolling, lightning multipliers, and intuitive gameplay results in a exhilarating encounter that appeals to both casual players and seasoned gamblers.

As you embrace the game’s simplicity and embrace the unpredictability of lightning multipliers, you’ll uncover an unmatched world of excitement within the casino landscape. Embark on your Live Lightning Dice adventure today and witness the fusion of chance and electrifying rewards like never before.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Live Lightning Dice is an exhilarating casino game introduced by Evolution Gaming in 2019. It combines elements of Lightning Roulette and Super Sic Bo, offering players a unique dice-based betting experience.

In Live Lightning Dice, players predict the total sum of three dice that are dropped into a lightning tower. The game adds an electrifying twist with lightning strikes that randomly award multipliers to specific numbers.

Absolutely! Live Lightning Dice allows versatile betting options. You can bet on a single number or spread your bets across multiple numbers for varied chances of winning.

Lightning Strikes are an integral part of the game. They randomly select specific numbers and apply multipliers ranging from 50x to 1000x, enhancing the excitement and potential rewards.

Multipliers significantly amplify your potential winnings. If a number you’ve bet on is struck by lightning, and it matches the result, your payout is multiplied by the corresponding multiplier.

Absolutely. Strategic players can analyze the probabilities and multipliers associated with each number, enabling them to make informed bets that align with their risk tolerance and desired rewards.

For an exceptional Live Lightning Dice experience, consider playing at MyGame Casino. This reputable platform offers a diverse range of live casino games and an excellent user experience.

Yes, Live Lightning Dice is optimized for mobile play. You can enjoy the game on your smartphone or tablet, providing convenience and flexibility for your gaming sessions.

Live Lightning Dice stands out due to its innovative mechanics, engaging gameplay, and the added thrill of lightning multipliers. The fusion of chance and strategy makes it a unique and captivating casino experience.

Absolutely. Live Lightning Dice’s straightforward mechanics make it accessible to beginners, while the potential for strategic betting and lightning multipliers adds depth that appeals to both newcomers and experienced players.

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